Corilus launches Greenock, the pharmacy software of the future

Focus on pharmaceutical care and day-to-day business management represent real added value for the pharmacist.

Corilus, market leader in software for the medical professions, has today launched Greenock, a brand-new software platform for pharmaceutical management. Greenock works in a very intuitive way and introduces a substantial number of innovations in pharmaceutical care and basic management of a pharmacy. Today, the software is being presented in Brussels to over 800 pharmacists, and shortly, there will be comprehensive demonstrations at the biennial trade fair Farma 2008.

The Greenock software platform consists of two parts:

  • Greenock Pharmacy is the pharmacy-specific component of Greenock, for day-to-day use in the pharmacy.
  • Greenock Central is the central component of Greenock, which handles remote management and reporting based on centralised data.

Pharmaceutical care within Greenock Pharmacy
Greenock Pharmacy is built with the most advanced software technology, which informs the pharmacist precisely about the advice to give, and checks the medication against the care profile, so that optimal pharmaceutical care can be given to the patient. Greenock offers the possibility of registering pathologies and allergies within a comprehensive pharmaceutical dossier, tracing of pharmaceutical actions and immediate notification of interactions. By providing correct, soundly-based advice, the pharmacist can offer genuine added value.

Profound management with Greenock Central Greenock Central is the management application which handles the management of several pharmacies. So the manager can retrieve data from the pharmacies, analyse the data and send data and parameters back to the pharmacies. This gives improved insight into the key figures such as the sales figures and the stock movements and inventory, and it becomes possible to respond more quickly and improve the day-to-day management of pharmacies considerably.

Intuitive user interface
In order to make Greenock as intuitive as possible, Corilus brought in Human Interface Group, a company that has specialised for years in optimising the user interface. Greenock has a neutral and restful screen, and all its screens are designed in the same way. There is one clear data input area, so that you do not have to search around. There are as few buttons as possible, and these are grouped per function. The screen can also be adjusted to reflect the user’s preferences concerning colour, language, size and the quantity of information displayed. In this way, Corilus has ensured that adaptation to the new software will go smoothly.

Evaluation by customers
Corilus spent a year working closely with a committee of pharmacists, both individual pharmacists and groups. They met regularly to provide input about functionality and the way a good pharmacy software application should work, and to evaluate the development work. This was how Corilus made sure that its software matches the requirements of the modern pharmacist. Extensive user tests were carried out, and the reactions were extremely positive.

Existing software
Concerning the existing software for pharmacy management, Corilus has announced that Pharmawin/Offigest, Farmix and ISA will continue to be supported and will continue to evolve to keep pace with market requirements. Customers will not be forced to switch.

Ronny Robbrecht, General Manager of Corilus, says: “Greenock provides much more than efficient management of the pharmacy. Greenock is built with the latest software technology that really helps the user. Our software will become the pharmacist’s everyday ‘virtual assistant’ in providing pharmaceutical care, and in the daily running of the pharmacy. I know our customers will appreciate that.”