A new era of dynamism!

At the same time the company has successfully completed the branding of Hader and its hader click® trademark. The hader click® technology in orthopaedic tools offers competitive advantages such as a longer-than-average life, flexibility in torque ranges, a superior level of precision and the fact that no further calibration is required during use.

The ever more stringent requirements for companies are our motivation to continuously expand our expertise by developing orthopaedic tools that meet customer needs and by building long-term collaborations with demanding MedTec customers.

Nowadays, Hader is proud to create customer value and to serve a faithful clientele that trusts Hader’s innovative technology with non-contaminating materials.

In the meantime, Hader has also closed a trade partnership with a leading and innovative silicone handle manufacturer. Thanks to this partnership, Hader can now offer complete solutions for orthopaedic products, ranging from simple screwdrivers to complex non-motorized torque limiters and other orthopaedic tools.