Ger van Jeveren opens NYSE Euronext’s trading day

On 15 May, Ger van Jeveren, CEO of Arseus, opened NYSE Euronext’s trading day. Accompanied by his co-workers Marco van den Berg, Ann De Smedt, Natalie Boudestein, René Clavaux, Dirk Deconninck and Constantijn van Rietschoten, he struck the official gong.

An old stock exchange tradition was revived in Amsterdam on 17 March 2008. Every trading day a gong is sounded to mark the opening (9.00) and closing (17.30) of the trading session. Many illustrious guests have already participated in the gong ceremony, including the Mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen, the CEOs of companies listed on the exchange, and other prominent individuals and organisations active in the Netherlands.