Owandy receives Innovation Prize for its intra-oral sensor Visteo at ADF Paris

Arseus Dental announces that its intra-oral sensor Visteo has been awarded the Professional Innovation Price 2009 at the ADF Dental Fair in Paris. A jury composed of dental journalists and dental professionals, under supervision of the UFSBD (Union Française pour la Santé Bucco-Dentaire), awarded this Prize for the best innovation in the professional area, facilitating the dentist’s work.

Sabine Sagaert, CEO of Arseus Dental: “We are very proud to receive this Price from the Association Dentaire Française and to be recognized for our innovation. Winning this Price is a major recognition of the expertise of our teams in the research and development of innovative and revolutionary solutions that support and advance our clients’ businesses.”

The Visteo is a revolutionary sensor. It is the first sensor in which the signal transmission occurs electromagnetically by induction. This allows the practitioner to immediately visualize the radiographic image on the computer monitor while the X-ray emission is considerably reduced. This system, patented by Owandy (a subsidiary of Arseus Dental), consists in the instantaneous transfer of the signal. The universal and variable positioning system as well as the ease of decontamination and the lower risk of torsion of the cable (and its consequences) constitute major factors that facilitate the dentist’s work. The dentist can now work more comfortably and the quality of the treatment and the radio diagnosis has improved.

These characteristics have led to the jury’s decision to award the Professional Innovation Prize to the Visteo Sensor of Arseus Dental.