Corilus enters into partnership with fifthplay

Integration of telemonitoring in medical dossier

Today, Corilus and fifthplay announce their collaborative agreement to integrate fifthplay’s telemonitoring solution into Corilus’ medical dossier. The partnership between the two specialised Belgian companies makes it possible to improve medical health care and services to patients, while addressing several pressing health care issues via e-healthcare.

Telemonitoring enables the doctor to remotely monitor patients’ vital parameters using the GP software developed by Corilus. Patients are given a medical appliance (for example a blood pressure monitor) which sends measurement data wireless via GSM or the internet to a web platform that fulfils the highest security standards. Doctors can set the system to send them a message when measurement data from a patient exceed certain thresholds determined in advance. One of the aims is to ensure that changes in measurement data are spotted early on so that treatment can be adjusted fast to prevent complications or hospitalisation.

Dirk Van Lerberghe, CEO of Corilus: “With this solution, we offer our doctors obviously a unique added value in their services to patients. Regular registration of parameters with automatic alerts when values are exceeded clearly results in better and pro-active health care. Timely intervention by the GP can often prevent more serious situations. Avoiding complications also has a positive impact on the total cost of health care.”

Kris van Daele, Managing Director of fifthplay: “With this partnership, we can achieve our ambitions in health monitoring. People are living longer and we will soon be facing a structural shortage of health carers. Our response to this development is health monitoring or remote care. Through the digital world, we give health care providers the instruments to remotely monitor their patients. Fifthplay has already developed telemonitoring and e-health products for five specific disorders: hypertension, chronic heart disease, diabetes, obesity and asthma.”

In the coming months, the two companies will launch joint remote care projects in Belgium.